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Recognizing when someone is hating (envious or negative) about your progress is crucial in maintaining personal well-being and continuing your growth. Here are ten signs that someone might be hating on your progress:

1. Subtle Negativity: Instead of openly criticizing, they might use passive-aggressive comments or backhanded compliments to undermine your achievements.

2. Comparison: They always compare what you’ve accomplished with someone else’s achievements to belittle what you’ve done.

3. Downplaying Your Achievements: They’ll say things like, “It’s just luck” or “Anyone could have done that.”

4. Dismissiveness: They might ignore or dismiss your good news, changing the topic or showing disinterest when you share your accomplishments.

5. Exclusion: You might find them excluding you from gatherings or conversations, as they don’t want others to hear about your progress.

6. Rumors and Gossip: They could spread false information or exaggerate facts about you to tarnish your reputation.

7. Competition: They always feel the need to one-up you. If you’ve achieved something, they’ll hastily try to do something similar or “better.”

8. Lack of Genuine Happiness: When you achieve something or make progress, they don’t show genuine happiness for you. Instead, their response might seem forced, indifferent, or insincere.

9. Challenges Your Decisions: They may consistently doubt or challenge your decisions, making you second-guess yourself, even when you’re on the right path.

10. Isolation from Mutual Friends or Colleagues: They might try to isolate you by telling mutual friends or colleagues false stories about you, or by portraying your successes in a negative light.

It’s essential to surround yourself with supportive individuals who genuinely want the best for you. If you notice these signs in someone, consider setting boundaries and protecting your mental and emotional well-being.